Frequently Asked Questions.

1. How long will my repairs take?

A good guide for car repairs is approx 1 working week per $2500 worth of damage. For example:

  • $2500 worth of damage – 1 week
  • $5000 worth of damage – 2 weeks
  • $7500 worth of damage – 3 weeks
  • 10,000 wrth of damage – 4 weeks

2. Do we have courtesy vehicles?

No. (Please note: Most insurance companies will supply hire vehicles if you pay extra on your insurance policy premium).

3. Do I have a choice about where my car is repaired?

Not all insurance companies will allow you to have your car repaired where you choose. Our advice is to make sure when buying insurance you select one that allows you the freedom of choice of repairer.

4. Will genuine parts be used on my vehicle?


5. Are the repairs on the vehicle guaranteed?

Yes, however some conditions apply.

6. Who do I pay my excess to?

Usually you pay the excess directly to the repairer.

7. How can I pay my excess?

We accept cheques, cash and credit cards (not Amex).

8. Will the colour of my vehicle be the same after the repairs?

Yes, we have very skilled technicians, and the latest colour matching technology.

9. Can i inspect my vehicle during repairs?

Yes, we are more than happy for customers to inspect their vehicle during the course of repairs.

10. How long is my quote valid for?

Up to 6 months (conditions apply).

11. Are insurance quotes more expensive than private quotes?

No, but generally we can discount private quotes in comparison to insurance quotes.